Merchandising Officer

1.Responsible for expanding of a product category and developing business strategy (Consumer Product / Fashion / Home Appliance / Sport / Mobile )
2.Responsible for developing an operating plan, to achieve KPIs, including GP
3.Responsible for building and supervise a category team and leading the team to achieve goal
4.Build and maintain relationships with vendors according to business needs, drive collaboration to achieve business growth
5.Understand and analyze data to derive customer insights, plan and execute promotion and campaigns to meet customer needs
6.Work closely with other departments and coordinate both internal and external resources to achieve business goals
7.Develop people and drive succession planning, build team culture and ensure the company’s core values manifest in every day’s actions
1.Bachelor’s degree or above; 1+ years of experience in retail or E-Commerce with 1 year in merchandising experience in managing a category and team preferred
2.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
3.Good planning and documentation skills
4.Good computer skills, especially MS Office applications
5.Excellent in Chinese or English Skill
Thai Fintech Co., Ltd. (บริษัท ไทย ฟินเทค จำกัด)
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